Sunday, 21 August 2011

Da Big Bannock Is GO!

Well it was for everyone apart from me who was left home -not so much licking his wounds- after 'the snip' on friday. That was an epic in itself which left me hanging around for hours to starve after they decided it would be better for all concerned if I had a general anaesthetic rather than a local. I was having a nice dream when they woke me up anyway and the staff were great.

So while I sulked in bed with my bag of frozen peas Clare, Beren and friends headed nort for Da Big Bannock 2011 in aid of Cancer Research UK with a Thunder Birds theme to it and a tropical flavoured big bannock.

For once it was a sunny day, to start with, and Beren enjoyed seeing the various mock ups of Thunder Birds and their vehicles. Thunder Birds 2 ( a dressed up quad bike and trailer) was giving off road rides round some of the moor. The kids thought it was awesome and the best fun ever; Clare thought it was terrifying and her life was in danger!

Here's part of the course...

Soon after they watched the bannock been made in a large metal tray with 'sterilised' shovels, flour, milk, pineapple juice and chunks before it was ceremoniously paraded to the brick over where it cooked for around an hour. Meanwhile two manly teams had a race to churn, what was by all accounts, pretty tasty butter. The odd 'tropical' bannock, complete with fresh churned butter got the thumbs up from Clare, but she never brought the invalid some home, boo hoo...

Along with the tropical bannock came the tropical monsoon, well it is Shetland and it can't stay sunny for ever. A bit of rain couldn't stop the fun though and it was soon time for the merry tiller race. 

Here's a fine specimen of a past contender complete in boiler suit and yellow dunlops.

It's an extreme off road rotavator course of moorland bog, hills and streams with the odd fire hose to contend with and obligatory pit stops for drams and cans of sweetheart stout.

All I can do now is hope that I get up there next year to enjoy the fun and say a thanks to all who made it the great day it was for those visiting.

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