Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Snaps and tatts, so far...

It is so hot down here! The north boat crossing was fine, although heaving with half the population of Shetland getting away as the schools broke up, or so it seemed!

We made good time getting back to 'home'. It was too hot to be stuck in the car for 6-7 hours, but the first section of the drive to Edinburgh is worth it. Some beautiful landscapes, especially first thing on a sunny morning. We hope to have time to stop and explore one day.

It's been in the low 20's all the time so far, nearer 25c most of the time, no clouds, the surfers are out at Saltburn and while every one else is soaking up the sun I'm sitting in the dampest shadiest spot I can find in my Mam's back garden. Beren and my granddaughter Faith are having fun though. Here they are trying to splash me in the little paddling pool a neighbour loaned us.

 Last night I was down at Saltburn seeing my mate Mike to catch up and get a tattoo off him. The surf was definitely 'up'. I'm going to try and get down there today to get some surfing pictures for my blog buddie PA

Here's a 'google image' to wet his appetite...

I reckon I'll also get some photos of the local boats and tractors. It's done a bit different down here with old beaten tractors launching the cobbles into the sea on sandy beaches off trailers made of scaffold poles and other random bits and I can tell you it gets interesting at times with the surf!

Anyway, here's a couple of pictures of new brand spanking new tattoo just after it was finished. $ hours of hard work on Mike's part and pain on mine. I say finished, but it's not really, there's some more detail to add before I head back north if I get chance.

In wedding news... 

I've been and got my hire suit, it fits and I'm glad I don't have to wear a suit at any other time! Clare and my Mam will have a surprise. I don't think Clare has ever seen me in a suit and my Mam only a hand full of times. Beren looks very cute in his suit.

My speech has been edited for suitability by Clare; seems I mixed up the 'Father of the Bride' speech with a 'Best Man's' speech, that would be much more fun. 

Tonight is the church rehearsal and then Saturday is the BIG day. I hope this weather holds for it, it'll kill with a 3 piece suit on me but I want it to a fantastic day for the Robyn's wedding.


  1. It's come out really well, hasn't it! Bloomin' good tattoo :-) Didn't know it would be so big :-) I've been thinking of getting one recently...not sure what though. Maybe, a surfing buddha,eh :-)
    Looking forward to those pics if the surf is good!
    Good luck with your best-man's...er...father of the bride speech. Hehe.

  2. Surfing Buddha would be very cool! May be getting some more surrounding detail added tomorrow night. Weather is on the change here so it'll be fingers crossed for some good surf pics...