Friday, 1 July 2011

Off on the north boat...

We're just packing and getting ready to go Sooth tonight to visit friends and family, and for me to do the proud Dad thing and walk my lovely daughter down the isle, as well as embarrass her with a little speech!

Seems such as shame to leave Shetland when the weather is so fine; it has been absolutely stunning this last couple of weeks. It'll definitely be too hot for me back 'home' as it's been around 28c at times and the Shetland heat wave of 17c is more than enough for me!

Here's a little wheatear I saw the other day flitting about on a nearby hillside

Anyway, while we're down there we'll also get out and about the North York Moors and Coast and I'll hopefully be returning with a shiny new tattoo off one of my friends and ex-band members.

Good by Simmer Dim,see you next year...


  1. Have a safe journey, fantastic time to be out at see with no light pollution too close.
    Have a great celebration.

  2. Cheers Keef, yeh would be great but I've been full of cold so pretty much was holed up in the cabin. Glorious evening though, wish I was up to being up top to see Orkney too. May be we'll be lucky on th way back!

  3. Enjoy your trip south, and don't make your speech 'too' embarrassing :)
    17/18C is about the best we are getting here just now. So I don't envy your journey into the sweltering heat of England.
    We'll be visiting Shetland in a couple of weeks time for a few days, so if you're back in the isle I'd be delighted to buy a beer,, or a coffee. :)

  4. 25c today :o(
    Meeting up when you're on da auld rock would be great :OD

  5. Nice wheatear!
    Looking forward to seeing that tattoo too...