Sunday, 24 July 2011

A little wet at No Ness, Tangwick

Ok, cabin fever has set in. I've braved the crowds of Lerwick and the Tall Ships, impressive they are, and forked out for some yummy grub, but even though it is truly awful weather today I had to get out and north for some clear space.

Thankfully Clare and Beren were  up for a visit to a little shingle beach, despite the rain and wind. So, we packed some sandwiches and a flask and I nodded off as we drove north up to near Tangwick in Eshaness. 

The weather really was grim, but not too cold as we got out at Tangwick Haa Museum and set of across the grass banks for a short stroll along the coast.

Looking west towards Dore Holm from Tang Wick

And east towards No Ness

 We headed down to a little cove on the west of No Ness for our brew.  I love the sight of The Drongs in the distance. They've always reminded me of a pirate ship, appropriate with the Tall Ships in town.

The old dumper caught my eye, but  sadly there was no seat left for Beren, not that it was playing about weather.

A wonderful spot...

And a tiny nook for trowies to shelter from the rain. I made them a seat from drift wood while I stood in the lee of the cliff.

Great views and a wonderful little spot to come back in finer weather to look for pebbles and other treasures on the beach. We'll leave the dead sheep though!

We battled back head into the wind and rain, Clare piggy backing Beren some of the way only to see a coach at the museum! We thought we were mad, but it was a tour coach for tall ships visitors doing the rounds. Never mind, we went in to get warm and have a look round and a few minutes later the place was all our own. Well worth a visit if you're up that way. Interesting old artefacts, photos and documents to do with the crofting and fishing.

The it was off home again to dry out listening to sounds of the Seventies on Radio 2 as I nodded off again.

Incidently, I do have a few photo's of the tall ships in harbour, but I thought I'd post them after I've seen them off tomorrow. The parade of sail and start of the race has been delayed due to the weather until Monday. 

Some other intrepid venturers are also making start tomorrow too. A team of 3 kayakers had been headed over to Norway last week, but returned due to bad weather. Tomorrow they'll re-start their trip from Out Skerries, so I hope the weather does settle for them.

So now it's feet up again time and some R & R and a moments pause for those caught up in the tragic events in Norway

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