Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Unst; a camping trip

Clare's Dad is up for a couple of weeks and as the weather was spectacular by Shetland standards we decided to put the dog in the kennels at Gott and go up to Unst for a weekends camping. 

First stop on Unst was the remains of Muness Castle , the most northerly castle in Britain and built for a relative of Earl Patrick Stewart who had Scalloway Castle built.  It's in such a lovely spot with views over Fetlar and the surrounding headland and beaches. 

By some weird fate the current door of the castle is from the remains of The House of Lund, just near the beach we'd be camping at. There is supposed to be the cloven foot print of the devil in the doorway that remains of the house, but we couldn't find it.

Here's Beren doing a bit of house work...

And when you've done that clean out the oven!

So off we trundled towards Lund and the beach at the back of Lunda Wick where the remains of St Olaf's Church are. Surprisingly, there were a few caravans un-hitched and making camp there, but we were heading north along the beach to a grassy spot behind the dunes.


We had a few overly inquisitive ponies to deal with. One was actually a bit worrying for a while, deciding that Beren was fair game. Thankfully they settled down eventually.

Over the next headland was another beautiful cove and sandy beach. I came across this sheep and was a bit puzzled as to whether I should try to extricate it , but reckoning it should be able to get back along the cliffs- and having no idea how I could help- I left it to it's own devices.

Beren found himself in a few tricky situations with his exploring, similarly, he was left to sort himself out - with a watchful eye of course.

When we returned the nasty neddy was caught eating our breakfast rolls from inside the tent! Oddly enough he was not the least bit bothered by being caught bun in mouth! 

Boy, it was a hot day. I sat under the golf umbrella keeping out of the 15c scorcher, while Clare and her Dad felt a chill in the air. It was good to potter about, have a fire and watch Beren playing freely.

All the fun left us all wiped out and Beren happily snuggled up for a good nights sleep in the tent.

After packing up in the morning we headed further north to Hermaness National Nature Reserve; a fantastic piece of coast and home to more than 100,000 breeding sea birds such as gannets, puffins and bonxies.

It really is an awesome spectacle, both scenery and bird wise. I was very much struggling by then, but it was wonderful; I can't wait to get back there sometime.

Here's a view of Muckle Flugga Lighthouse in the distance...

I wasn't the only one tired out...

Anyway here's a selection of sights from our brief visit up there...


And then it was off home...

All that was too much fun for me and don't my bones know it, but I hope to re-visit Hermaness before the end of 'the season' and many other places on Unst eventually.


  1. Wonderful photos and camping looks great fun! I love Unst too.

  2. Cheers, yeh it was fun to camp up there, so many places to explore...

  3. Lovely shots of the puffins and gannets :-) What strange faces the puffins have! The bonxies looks scary though...
    Man, there's some very cool sights to see up there,eh.

  4. Just a distinct lack of woods LOL!

  5. Rhoda Bulter did a poem on Shetland Trees.

    They were the wooden utensils in the kitchen. Hers were kept in a pot.