Wednesday, 18 May 2011

An English Tudong

Sanga buddy pointed me to the blog of a Buddhist Monk in Warwickshire following a Thai Theravadan Buddhist tradition where they practise Tudong

There are thirteen dhutangas (tudongs) most of which he followed as he walked the Coltswold Way

1. Using cast off cloth to make one’s robes 
2. Using only the three principal robes
3. Eating only what one receives on alms-round – whether it be little or nothing at all, and declining invitations to take meals at the houses of lay-people
4. Avoiding a house where one received tasty alms-food previously
5. Eating only one meal a day before noon
6. Eating only from the alms-bowl, without using another receptacle 
7. Not accepting extra food after one has started the meal 
8. Not dwelling in a village or noisy temple 
9. Dwelling under a tree 
10: Dwelling in the open 
11. Dwelling in a charnel ground 
12. Sleeping wherever one finds oneself after a day’s walking 
13: Never lying down

I'm not aware of it being a practise in the Soto Zen Buddhism that I practise, but I do know forms of it has been part of Zen Buddhism in general and for some individuals it still is.

It's an interesting concept to do it in a country with no culture of doing so and the narrative is both entertaining and thought provoking in many different ways. 

The thought of doing similar somewhere has crossed my mind since I read a book years ago about a bloke starting of with a fiver for 'emergencies'. I don't think it was 'Broke Through Britain', may have been, but it was along the same lines.

So if you do come across some unlikely looking character with a bowl (or in my case a bucket) ...


  1. Hehe, I can imagine you with your bucket!! I'd be the same - need lots of food to keep me going!
    I'm similarly tempted - but bivying like that must take guts. You've done that, I imagine: just sleeping under the stars? I need to give that a go.
    Interesting stuff though,eh :-)

  2. Yeh bivying can be fun, but can be an awful lot of not fun too! Not sure Shetland is the place for a tudong though (unless you're after a real challenge) Devon and Cornwall would be nice.

    Have sat out all night a few times, as in 'sitting out' as a spiritual thing, dusk until dawn, just staying awake in one place all night and being open to the events the pass.

  3. Hmm, I like the sound of that 'sitting out'. May give that a go sometime soon, and when I'm really tired just lie down and fall asleep :-)