Saturday, 7 May 2011

Sundibanks, Scalloway

Some friends told me of a lovely little burn and shingle beach along from East Voe, Scalloway, called Sundibanks. As the day improve from it's pretty grim start we went for a visit and beachcombe. It is a lovely spot and there's whelks, mussels and cockles a plenty for picking in the future.

There's a great view over the Trondra Brig and Scalloway as you drive out there. 

And the view down the Clift Hills is pretty cool too, even on a grey day

On the way there we passed the first Shetland foals and some lambs. As you could predict they'd gone on the way back when I wanted to take their photos!

After parking the car at the 'end of the road' sign it's a short walk down a track to the shore and coastal banks. Sundibanks Burn runs down the gulley on the right and is a little beauty.

Beren enjoyed exploring the banks and the ebb stones.

And we found a few beauties...

And an odd one too!

Hope the video doesn't shock too much Mam!

So, back one day for some shell fish for another nice cataplana...

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