Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Summery Unst

Yesterday was my Mam's last day up here on holiday and a fine day it was too. A quick phone call to book us on the ferry and we were heading north, across Yell (quick tea at the Wind Dog Cafe) and ready to board the ferry at Gutcher to Unst.

This curious shag watched as we queued up.

Off the ferry and still going north to our main port of call, a beautiful beach in Lunda Wick. This impressive standing stone was along side the gated road down to it.

The enigmatic remains of an old kirk preside over the beach and a well kept graveyard.

Lunda Wick viewed from a little crag on the hillside. The promontory in the middle has remains of iron age and norse farmsteads according to the good old OS map. Boundaries are easily visible on the ground but little else.

Mam soaking in the view on the promontory.

The main beach with graveyard and parking at the far end.

And up close and personal while we picnicked

to be joined by a couple of ponies...

Then it was north again for a brief stop at Bobbies Bus Stop, which was celebrating the up coming Tall Ships Event in July. Beren decided a bit of dust of the antiques was in order...

And just outside, The John Peel Memorial Traffic island!

Then onwards, ever north to Hermaness National Nature Reserve at Burra Firth. More amazing scenery and beaches that will have to be explored at a later date. Hopefully with a kayak too.

On the way there we saw lots of bonxies around and about, flying along side the car on the valley side and even feeding on a dead lamb at the road side. Not as many as I saw on Bressay though.

The drive back was long after a busy day of fresh air (tea at Frankies Chip Shop helped a bit though), but we'll be back again. Unst I really need to see more of you...

This morning. Up bright and early. A certain person was worrying about traffic on the way to the airport and wanted to leave plenty of time. Mmm.. yeh Mam... what did we see on the road, a couple of dozen cars in total in 28 miles!!!