Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ragnar Axelsson; Last Days of the Arctic and Faces of the North

Ragnar Axelsson is a photographer from Iceland who has been documenting the more remote peoples and places of particularly Iceland and Greenland, but also Faroe and Siberia, for the last few decades.

His documentary that was on iplayer recently, Last Days of The Artic, is essential viewing for an insight into some of the people and places of these countries and traditions that are threatened. Absolutely stunning images in this collage from it...

Mam, if you want to buy me a book...


  1. Very thought provoking images.
    Thanks for posting that Kev.

  2. Ah, I can't get iPlayer at MacDonald's! Damn it, that sounded good :-(

  3. Pity about that PA :o(
    Auld Een, some one posted a Faroeses video on Greenland on Sh*tlink, in Faroese though LOL