Thursday, 12 May 2011


Today's been a long and stressful day what with an interview and the physio confirming that my left ankle is in a pretty bad state, stretched ligaments that allow it to pop in and out of joint at a random point in time. 

When Clare arrived home I was snoozing on the sofa with Beren, but the suggestion of a trip north to Frankie's Chip Shop and I was soon up and in the car.

It's a treat for all of us, both the chips and the scenery up north. Unfortunately, as we walked in the door of the chippy Beren threw up right in the middle of the floor, carrots and all! To make matters even more embarrassing one of the lads from rowing team was working there and had to clean it up. Obviously we couldn't continue and sit in for chips with the risk of another 'incident', so we cleaned Beren up, ordered our grub and fled to the picnic benches at Mavis Grind. It wasn't really the treat we we after. 

Thankfully the drive home sort of made up for it with some stunning skies and the new Shetland foals near Tingwall definitely did. I'll be back there with my camera and tripod, but minus a little one of my own to distract me. The owner of the ponies was there taking photos, so we had a bit of a chat about him and his ponies. As John Shuttleworth says, it's nice up north!

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