Saturday, 21 May 2011

Not so quiet waters...

Last week Quiet Waters, white fish trawler, was wrecked after crashing into Atla Holm, just off Hamnavoe, at full speed in bad conditions. All 12 crew were airlifted off and it is currently breaking up on the rocks in heavy seas.

I finally risked my ankle to get out there for some photos today.

A Shetland Model fishing boat was out for a nosey (left)

A couple in monochrome...

  I may go back later at low water and see what it's like then...


  1. Great pics Kev... I'll pinch those for Shetlopedia if you don't mind. Our wreck pages there are always growing, but it's rare to get such an excellent pictorial record. :D :D

  2. Cheers and feel free :oD I'll try an d get some more when the weather is fair. Was p-ing down at ebb tide today.