Saturday, 28 May 2011

Northern Isles Strongest Man

I've been looking forward to watching The northern Isles Strongest Man competition at Clickimin Helipad for a while and worrying all week about the weather. I like watching them on TV, like going to the gym, but have never seen an event live.

It seemed like it was going to be fine today, but as the afternoon wore on it deteriorated.Still, 11 hardly souls battled it out between their bodies, minds and lumps of iron and stone in the wind and rain for a few hours. Thankfully they had a good crowd to cheer them on. 

I took a load of photo's of the events, but my camera was so slow I missed have the best bits and now my computer monitor is looking like it's got double vision, so the ones below may or may not be in focus!

The events were:

  • Overhead Medley - (Dumbbell 53kg, Log 90kg, Oly bar with tires 100kg, axle 100kg) first 3 in any order, axle 4th for reps
  • Car Deadlift Hold - Max time, Straps allowed
  • Truck Pull - Unit and Trailer 20m
  • Silver Dollar Deadlift - Rising Bar, Straps allowed
  • 120 kg Farmers for Max Distance - multiple drops allowed
  • Atlas Stones - 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150
There were quite a few from Scalloway Weight Training Club (event organisers) competing, so it was good to cheer on some of the lads I see in the gym.

I didn't get to see the final round up as I was dragged off to tea at Monty's with my Mam just as the Atlas Stones event was nearing completion. It was fine to be fed and warm, but seeing the final result would have been good too. 

As it stood it looked like the overall winner was to be Dave Dalrymple, very impressive, especially in the silver dollar deadlift where he was well ahead. I'll post the full results when I get them.

Anyway here's a few photos of the afternoon...

 18 year old lad from Orkney presses the 90kg log...

...and 53kg dumbell with great form as part of the medley.

Pressing the 100kg Oly bar with wheels as part of the medley...

Davy Cummings, who's qualified for Scotland Strongest Man doing the car lift (3 lasses in the back seat of it too). A killer event which I think was won with a time of 43 seconds.

Truck pull. A freezing cross wind wasn't the greatest help, but neither was a photographer who was dragged out the was by his leg!

Ryan Stewart from Shetland did well in his first novice event. Here he's lifting 250kg in the silver dollar deadlift. He only weighs around 70kg, so a massive lift for him.

In the main event, 2 battled it out to the end...

And Dave Dalrymple won with a massive 400kg lift...

That'll be the new bent bar in the gym then!

When I left he was also looking to be the competition winner, but all the guys were great, especially on such a cold, wet, windy day.

So thanks to the organisers, sponsors and competitors for a great afternoon.

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