Sunday, 1 May 2011

Kallie Bridge to Scalloway; a little kayak and sail

Another stunner of a day and I couldn't help myself, I had to get out for a paddle and bit of a sail with north-easterly winds I reckoned on a trip from just north of Kallie Bridge down the west of Strom Ness, via North Havra and back home to Scalloway. With Clare prised out of bed with a cuppa I persuaded her to drop me off at the start and leave the car next to the Kiln Bar in Scalloway. And then I was off...

Heading off the wind was practically non-existent compared to at Scalloway so I paddled to support what I could get from the wind. It didn't matter anyway, I was in no rush, just me, the sea and the birds. Bliss.

  Approaching Greena and Flotta.

The sound of Flotta, Flotta on the right.

The isle of Hoy.

North Havra on the right, Strom Ness on the left.

 A nice sheltered geo to get out and stretch my legs on the soft grass covered hills of North Havra. The wind was now a strong easterly, may be a bit challenging for the crossing into it from North Havra past Strom Ness, White Ness and over to the Hill of Burwick.

Looking across from North Havra past Strom Ness, White Ness and the mainland.

Passing Burwick Holm. A family had a fire going on Shalder's air which helped with telling the wind direction.

 Home(ish) in sight. The light house on The Point of Pund and Green Holm in the distance.


And closer...

Green Holm and Burra beyond...

As I turned east for the last leg into Scalloway the wind was pretty strong and head on for a mile and a half, so it was sail down and plod on past the fisheries college into the harbour and up to the slip next to the Kiln Bar Cafe, avoiding the beautiful swan that was gracing the harbour.

This video should give you some idea of the trip, very quiet, except for the annoying lens cap rattling!


  1. Cooool! I need to get onto the seas :-)

  2. Yeh, need some cool surfing pics. Surf up here is for big boys apparently. Either all or nothing with 6-8ft reef breaks