Saturday, 14 May 2011

Evening sail down Strom Voe

With the best forecast for the weekend last night I went out with my friend on his boat for a little evening sail. I had hopes of getting out of Stromness Voe and over towards Skeld, but with the ideal come the actual. By the time we'd got to the mooring and got under way there just wasn't enough day left. It was a grand sail though and we navigated the narrows at Jackville under sail which was an achievement in itself, before returning to the mooring to leave Shayla ready for anything that might blast over her before we get out again.

Just heading off into the wind, under power initially...

We quickly decided to turn of the noise and sail instead, though the narrow rocky voe with the wind pretty much straight down it meant plenty of tacking.

Jackville and the narrows approach. it'd been a fine trip so far. I saw my first terns of the year, a couple of bonxies, razorbills and possibly a red throated diver. Of course they were always about when I had a job to do rather than take photos!

What a cool evening with a lovely moon

We took a couple of shots getting through the narrows; first time under sail; keeping a keen eye out all round for those nasty pointy hard things, better safe than sorry!

We didn't go far outside the voe mouth before gybing and heading back, sails goose winged, with the wind behind us as we glided back past Jackville.

And carried on in a more relaxed fashion down the voe just under headsail.

Eek... who's that odd fellow!

It was 10.30 by the time we got home and I was shattered and ready for bed. Scrabbling about back and forth on the yacht didn't really help my ankle too much but i wouldn't have missed such a great evening on the water.

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