Saturday, 2 April 2011

Point of the Pund Lighthouse, Scalloway

Being a bright and breezy evening we went off for a plod around from the west side of Scalloway. Parking at Port Arthur above the marine college we headed off along a private tarmac road which leads round the headland to what I believe are some sort of underground sewerage tanks.

Beren was playing 'dinosaurs' and chasing us, something we encouraged to keep him walking!

Oh no, he's coming to get me!

Got me!

We also told him that the lighthouse on The Point of the Pund was a spaceship and may be Buzz Light Year would be there. That worked too! After the tank area the path reverts to typical stone track and soggy boggy bits.

On the way we passed a plenty of sheep (no surprise), but this one was King of the castle.

The ponies that are usually around here were up on the hill somewhere too, only their fresh poo told of their presence. On the way to the lighthouse we stopped on the shingle beach of Punds Voe to skim a few stones and deliberate about having a blazing voar reddup there sometime with all the plastic and junk there. The path from there on is a decidedly boggy sheep track with lots of signs of otters on the grassy banks.

Anyway here's Buzz's Spaceship, oddly he wasn't in despite our knocking loudly on the door! Way out west in the background.

Green Holm, Burra and the Clift Hills in the back ground.

We sat and enjoyed the view for a while before heading back as the sun set over the sea.

Just time for a quick play in the park before bed. Yup, another bribe to get him moving homeward!

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