Saturday, 2 April 2011

Plastic Fantastic; East Voe, Scalloway

Well here's her maiden voyage under the plastic fantastic sail. The wind speed is around 18mph and a bit gusty, but we all handled it fine. I took her out across and out the Voe a way and sailed her back in both down wind and across wind and she did brilliant; the rudder is a real boon on this boat sailing across wind.

I didn't try tacking up wind as I was tight for time. I'm sure it wouldn't be very successful, but I reckon she'd manage fine on a beam reach, may be even a little bit further into wind.

Paddling up wind with the sail up was fine, it didn't get in the way. Raising and lowering it took a matter of seconds and with the main sheet loose there was no worries of her catching the wind and tipping me in, or hitting me if it flapped about.

All and all a roaring success. I can't wait for the ripstop nylon I've ordered to arrive so I can make her look as good as she sails.

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