Sunday, 3 April 2011

Out and about on Mother's Day

While I painted the boat Clare and Beren went to see Tangled at The Garrison Theatre in town. Later we met up and we went for a visit to Levenwick Beach, a beautiful spot just off the South Road. We'd not been before, but had seen it in passing and it didn't disappoint.

There are great views out across the bay to Sandwick, but this view across to Channerwick was particularly stunning today.

Oyster Catchers fed in the ebb stones.

And an ever present seal kept a beady eye on us.

We had a bit of fun skimming stones and enjoying the day too...

It was such a glorious sunny day we went for a drive up the Ward of Scousburgh, or Soup Dragon Hill as I call it. The views were fantastic all the way down to Sumburgh and beyond to Fair Isle, up to Noss and out west to Foula, but it was a bit hazy for the camera.

Here's one looking down on St Ninian's Isle.

We drove back via the road that takes you down to Scousburgh and then home, briefly stopping to watch this group of seals basking on the beach below the road near Clavel.


  1. :o u didnt go with out me :( :'(

  2. Hehehe, it was a Sunday drivers drive :oD

  3. Beautiful photos. Oystercatchers are my favourite birds, but I only have a little compact camera so I've never been lucky enough to get any good shots.