Saturday, 30 April 2011

Noss and Bressay on the Dunter 111

I took an executive decision on Friday and booked us on the Dunter 111 for the Sea Birds and Seals Cruise as the weather and forecast were so good.

A great decision it was. The boat left a sunny Lerwick at 10am heading north round Bressay.

We stopped at many small un-inhabited island on our way round to look a the seals and birds, both on them and in the waters. As you can imagine taking photo from a pitching rolling boat isn't the easiest, so for all we saw, red throated divers, red mergansers, eiders, puffins, razor bills, gannets, kittiwakes, fulmars, black backed gulls, great skuas, guillemots and black guillemots as well as an otter in the Orkney Man's cave on Bressay the bird photo's are a bit limited.

Going through Noss Sound with Anderhill Look Out Tower of Bressay on the right.

We had a tea stop in the sound before moving round to the East coast of Noss, a land of cliffs and gannets.

Not a gannet! Skua or Bonxie.

After a while pootling around the cliffs and looking at the underwater camera we headed back to the south end of Bressay, the Giants Leg and Orkney Man's cave.

And finally headed back to Lerwick passing the lovely Kirkabister light house and some basking seals.

It might seem expensive at £40 a head (full price adult) for 3 hours, but I can assure you it really is a trip to remember especially on a beautiful Shetland day like today. Later in the year there is even more bird activity too.

Later in the day, me not having had enough of a nautical theme, we took the sailing dingy (GP14) for a 2 hour cruise from East Voe Marina, Scalloway around the west coast of Trondra to the Burra Brig (too low!) and back. 

The day was still lovely and despite the responisbility of taking Clare and Beren out on decent trip I loved it, but I'd pushed fun on the water a little far for them. Beren just wanted a picnic to eat and said it was too windy and Clare was a little perturbed by the nature of sailing a dinghy with tacking, gybing, gusts, lulls and moving about; though for their first time out they both did brilliantly and Clare soon go tthe hang of trimming the jib sheet and adjusting her balance. Sadly I don't think it's going to be a family activity, may be on a rare perfect day, but if I can get a little 2 stoke for the boat and leave the mast in the marina they'd be happy to cruise the islands and explore.

Well, time for bed and a well earned kip!


  1. My Uncle has a couple of auld eens. Would need special repairs, I will ask him.
    Oh, had to be quiet over the last month or so because of elections. I even had to use a computer generated voice for funky fridays. twice now, her name is Adell. Still waiting on some funky didge stuff, still struggling with mine. ;-{

  2. That'd be great SP. Sod's law there is something just right advertised on Shetlink now but my car in in for MOT on Tuesday so i'll be an expensive month, the only question is how expensive LOL!