Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Njugals Water, Burradale Hills

It's been lovely up in Sheltand for a few days now and looking to be so for a few more to come.

Today I went for a pootle up The Burn of Njugal from the Brig O' Fitch. The burn is a lovely little run of gentle pools and cascades with primroses, daffodils and ferns along it.

The view back down the Brig O' Fitch

At the top the view of the Burradale Sisters was very impressive and beautiful, especially with a dozen or so circling ravens playing in the thermals over the hills.


I saw about 8 mountain hares too, half way changed back from their white winter coat, but I couldn't get a decent photo of the peerie beasties before they scampered off.

Here's Njugals Water itself. A njugal is a water spirit, half man half horse. It would have been nice to have seen one, but alas I'd have to make do with ravens and hares!

Nearby is an old WW11 bunker entrance. not much to see now as the end has been bricked up, just a dead and smelly hedgehog that was unfortunate enough to find it's way in, oh and Stick Man Vampire waiting in the end for some one, but that's a whole other story of work place silliness...

I've high hopes of a kayak with a friend from Sound over to Bressay and along to the Orkney Man's Cave and Giant's Leg tomorrow after work, but one swallow doesn't make a spring, and a few calm days definitely shouldn't lead to complacency with the weather up here, and certainly not on the water!


  1. Excellent photos as usual Kev. Njugals Water used to be the water supply loch that served Scalloway.

  2. Cheers :o)
    I knew it used to be a reservoir with the old dam and pipes going down the burn, but didn't know it was for Scalloway. Beautiful spot up there. Not sure where the old aircraft crash site is...