Saturday, 9 April 2011

Misty morning kayak from East Quarf

Although we were out late last night-Beren's first sleep over at a friends-I was up and awake early as ever. It was a misty start with SW winds so I took the opportunity to scoot off for a quick kayak from East Voe of Quarf. It's a lovely little bay and even nicer on a still morning with just the seals and birds for company.

I headed off south about 4km to Fladdabister before retracing my steps. Unfortunately, I'd not taken my new improved MK2 ripstop nylon kayak sail or my trip back would have been very leisurely most of the way with a following wind. I'll take it next time though.

Although I couldn't catch the little blighters on video I saw a few puffins out on the sea as well as the other bird life that's becoming more numerous just now; and a heron feeding in the ebb stones and flying off with some food in it's beak just as I returned to Quarf. No terns yet though. There was also a big old seal in the bay, which I'm pretty positive is a bearded seal, though it's not so clear in the video, his wonderful big mustache was pretty awesome to see close up.

This evening I took our GP14 dinghy out for her first sail since her winter overhaul. Well that was an experience, lets say that there's a few tweaks to be made before she goes out again!


  1. Excellent Blog - you do so many interesting things and get to places most Shetlanders have never been too!

  2. Thanks for the interest and nice comment :oD