Monday, 11 April 2011

Just one of those days...

Today was the last day of my holidays.

I got a call last night from a friend and colleague about going coasteering across to Nibon Isle in Northmavine. Boy was I excited, a short swim across to the island, some high level jumps into collapsed caves and checking out some likely locations for a high line with a soft but wet landing. A very early start was planned, but that was fine as I had plans to move a friends boat trailer for him later in the day.

So, 6.10am I'm up getting ready, on the loo and the phone rings, he's not so well so it's off. Grrr, but it'll happen another day. There's plenty more to do on my last holiday.

I take the dog out, sort the hens and a few other jobs, surf the net a bit and wait for a 'reasonable' hour to phone my friend I'm helping. That's off too! Moving house is, as I'm sure we all know, a hectic time and other things are at the top of priorities for him today. No mind, we re-arrange that for another day.

So what to do? I know check the job front on the internet, one temporary job is advertised at work, but the job I'm after isn't yet, grrr, moan, groan, blah, blah, blah. I zoom into Lerwick to the library and chandlers and replace the lost row-lock on the dinghy.

When I get back I check the jobs again and now the job I want is there. So 2 hours later I've applied on line with some relief as my current job only has just over a month to run.

It's now whizzed past dinner time and I'm famished and a little woozy so I eat, watch some TV and then go to the gym for the 'legs' part of my new weights routine. I'm trying to build up my endurance and fitness now with higher reps. A quick fly of my little radio controlled flying wing along from Port Arthur in Scalloway.

Now, pick up Beren from nursery, take him swimming, have tea and have another little fly on the hill high above East Voe, Scalloway before dark just to check it out.

What a crazy day, but it went how it went and all is well.

Other than typing this now, it's haircut, shave shower and bed. No wonder I'm wacked!!!

Tomorrow work; I've missed you work...

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  1. Whoah, that does sound like a crazy day :-)