Saturday, 16 April 2011

First trip to Bressay

It's been a busy day with an early start for me due to an-inability to sleep in, even when Beren does. Annoying.

Friends have recently moved to a croft on the Isle of Bressay, 10 minutes on a ferry from Lerwick and a couple of miles south on the island. It's a great place, both the croft and Bressay.

I'd offered to take their yacht trailer over today, so Beren and I went to collect it and boarded the ferry for the short trip over. A Norwegian tall ship was in the harbour looking splendid; it'll be great when the Tall Ships Race visits in July. I think they estimate something like an extra 2000 people in town and that's just ships crews, not sightseers.

Here it is as we board the ferry, the Ward of Bressay is far right in the background and that's more or less where we are heading.

There are great views from the croft back to Sheltand

The croft itself was lovely and I'm not ashamed to admit I'm pretty jealous; may be one day...

Beren had a fantastic time exploring the place, feeding the two neddies and sitting on the tractor.

Benny and Firefortune..

Benny is gorgeous... 

..and so is the old grey fergie.

We had a bit of time before the ferry we were getting back so we trundled off to Kirkabister Light House, a place you can rent for a holiday. There's some thing about light houses that leaves me feeling all happy.

I'm hoping the winds drop a little tomorrow so that we can get our first family trip out on the newly painted dinghy. It's little niggles from my first trip out after it's winter overhaul have been ironed out. We should get under Trondra Brig on a normal tide. All we need now is a fair day and a packed lunch...


  1. If you get over to Bressay again, on a fine day, it's worth taking a trip up to the TV masts on the top of the Ward. The view is stunning.

  2. Off there again just now as Clare has an essay to do. Going to explore a bit. The mast is just a steep walk up from the back of their croft.