Sunday, 17 April 2011

Bressay 2

Clare needed some more 'Beren' free time to get her OU assignment finished, so off we went out on tour to Bressay again.

Note: the Bressay ferry doesn't take cards like the rest, only cash. Useful if you're the first car on with no cash and the ferry has filled up behind you!

Our first port of call was a rough beach near Setter, on The Voe of Cullingsburgh. The reason being it is listed as a good launch point for kayaking round The Isle of Noss nature reserve; the other launch at the bottom of a long steep hill where the little ferry  (RIB) to Noss goes from.

The look out tower on top of the hill is later on our agenda for the day.

Along this track are various archaeological remains such as a burnt mound, broch and St Mary's Church, none of which we visited as Beren pee'd himself!

After a bite to eat and fresh clothes back at the car we detoured up to The Hill of Setter. A lovely view point, just pity about the various concrete remains of an army station up there. We returned to the main road and parked up at the end of the Noss road. It's a short steep walk down to the ferry point, but we were headed up to Ander Hill and the old look out tower. Be warned it's a steep climb up the heather hillside. On a day like today with force 6 gales up there and a 3 year old on your shoulders much of the way it's more like Everest.

To be fair to Beren, I pretty much had to carry him, as even holding my hand walking he was getting blown over. I really was very glad when we got to the top for respite from both the wind and my screaming legs.

More stunning views, what a day...

The Isle of Noss

The Ward of Bressay

We did have plans to go up the Ward of Bressay to complete a sort of mini 3 peaks of Bressay, but after the buffeting getting up Anders Hill it can wait. As it was we descended towards the Noss ferry point and kept out of the worst of the wind.

There are interesting remains  all over the place, but this old croft has to be the hairiest of them!

Beren decided it was time to serve ice creams

The length and thickness of the lichen was amazing

After another steep climb into the wind up to the car, a snack and other essentials and then we headed off to Kirkabister Light House again and the old harbour and arch there. Ward of Bressay, you'll have to wait, I have special plans for you involving a scary decent on mountain bike and possibly video!

We passed my friend's croft, beeping a 'Hello' as they picked horse poo in the paddock, a sparrow hawk on the road side fence and finally pulled up at the light house.

On the way down to the old harbour a few sheep greeted us, they were oddly friendly.

A group of grey seals were basking as we approached the old harbour, but they soon flopped into the sea when they got wind of us.

There are some really great views from Bressay of Lerwick and Sound

Hoping the fun police weren't about Beren and I then set about a bit of rock climbing (for him) down from the  lighthouse to inspect the fantastic natural arch that is just below it. We saw a couple of shags too; getting nests ready by the looks of it.

It's hard to get a photo of the arch from the land, but it's really worth the effort to see it close up

Here's the light house with the arch below it. It's scale isn't really apparent, up close and personal  is what you need.

A quick cuppa at my friends place, a few carrots for the neddies and it was time to return to a finished assignment, a lovely curry and a sofa!


  1. I love the picture of the arch. Amazing.
    I was too old and stiff to get in a position for a shot like that the last time we were there. I stopped climbing through the cliffs about 10 years ago. :D :D
    Also love that picture of Noss. Never seen it from that angle before. :D

  2. Noss looked gorgeous, turquoise shallows and sandy beachs that beren thought we were going to, but didn't fancy swimming ! If Beren hadn't been there I'd have been skinny dipping my way over. First Ward of bressay Downhill :oD