Friday, 29 April 2011

Bendy Microwaves = Leaves on the track?

Sorry but I had to post his. I think it's hilarious. The internet, which was super dooper  here in Sunny Scalloway compared to Mossbank, has been down right awful lately and now I know why...

Today’s fine weather may have been enjoyable, but it has also caused recurring breakdowns in broadband service in homes and businesses across the isles.
Shetland Broadband experienced problems across the Cable and Wireless network which it serves.
The organisation’s Ian Brown said atmospheric conditions, or “microwave fading”, were behind the problems.He said high pressure, light winds and the right humidity level could often cause communication to break down.
“Atmospheric conditions cause the network signals to be bent, and they are missing the dishes,” he said.

Is that really true? Or is it jut a leaves on the line/wrong type of snow story?

Which dishes are they missing, my red Thai curry in the micro wave at work? It did take a while to cook! 

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