Monday, 28 March 2011

A wild sail from Hamnavoe to Whiteness

After getting Tom's yacht launched and rigged yesterday (a perfect day) we woke to a overcast, cold and windy day, but never mind, there was sailing to do. A trip that took us around 3 hours in force 4-5 winds, gusting to 6, with the wind less than helpfully deciding to turn north-west, i.e head on for the direction we needed to go. 

Luckily once we'd managed to tack back and forth to get out of Hamnavoe for what seemed like an eternity with the swell funneling in there we were able to make better lee way towards our goal.

Here's a rough idea of our route. I think the straight route is about 7 miles, as you can see ours was considerably less than straight...

I tried to video most of the passage; you've got the abridged version here and you don't have the biting wind and salt filled ears that went with it!

We had some wonderful views, but little time to eat our provisions we'd taken. We we're both totally worn out by the time we arrived at her new mooring, but it was fantastic fun. Luckily for me Tom had the hardest job at the helm practically all the way.

Arnold, the Dad of the lass Tom bought Shayla from followed us out so far, reporting on conditions ahead. It was good to see a smiling face, or was it laughing?

It was pretty wild a times

But the slamming down on waves did stop occasionally. Here's a view of Green Holm with Scalloway just visible in the distance.

Eventually we approached Jackville. A grand house over looking the narrows and entrance to Stromness. The channel is pretty narrow and is marked by two traffic cones on top of posts.

Looking back to Jackville and the narrows.

Tacking up the voe was just impractical with it's narrow width and a gusting head on wind; we'd be at it for hours, so the final push to her new berth was under the trusty two stoke.

In possibly less a month she'll be on the move again to her permanent home on Bressay. We reckon on a good two day trip for that one and hopefully more helpful winds.

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