Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ward of Scousburgh or Soup Plate Hill

I had occasion to be up The Ward of Scousburgh today or Soup Plate Hill as some know it. Some of us even call it Soup Dragon Hill on account of the mist and clangers when I was last up there. What a delight it was to be up there today. A lovely clear day, nippy, but brilliant views.

Looking out North-West is St Ninian's Isle with Foula in the murky distance

Looking North takes you out over Bigton, Ireland and Maywick up towards Burra and Scalloway with a miriad of islands in between.

South-West and the Loch of Spiggie and the Bay of Scousburgh with Colsay nestling in it.

The road down to Scousburgh...

There's plenty to see on the eastern side too, but with the snow and light it was pretty much impossible to get it to show in a photo. A great spot for a summer picnic or a bit of light free star gazing.