Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tom's got himself a peerie boat

It was a busy day today of my week of rest. I've been full of cold and unable talk or to sleep, but Friday night it wasn't just the cold waking me early. I was excited, more than like a kid before Christmas.

First on the agenda was a bit more work on the sailing dinghy I share. I'm so desperate to get her back in the water, so what if it's still pretty nippy up here even when it's sunny, that's what clothes are for.

But the big excitement was helping my friend Tom get his boat transported and rigged up ready for a sail to her new mooring today. It's not such a grand day today but it will be just perfect!

Here's a little video of our venture yesterday...

For all we were busy it was still rest for me for if I wasn't helping Tom on such a still and sunny day I'd have been off some where in the kayak wearing myself out!

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