Friday, 4 March 2011

Sunny Scalloway

This time last week we were frantically packing for our move from Firth down to Scalloway. The phone and internet are only just on, but we've still managed to have a mini-explore of the place. Our move co-incided with what I hope isn't Shetland's summer for 2011; beautiful days and clear frosty nights.

Here's some views of the sky on our first night here:

The Plough and Pole Star through the trees

Orion over the house

The next morning was a frosty one until quite late, but lovely and sunny.

The back garden and 'my' shed...

The hawthorn tree out front...

A few spring flowers in the garden...

The scenery on our local dog walk round the 'block' is pretty nice too...

At the western edge of the village is 'Port Arthur' with a track that leads around the headland giving spectacular views of Trondra, Burra and out to the west.

Heading back to Scalloway

We've still got a bit of unpacking, but we're pretty much settled. The hens have a new big open run under the trees (with freshly clipped wings), Fern seems happy, as is Beren at nursery and, other than the fact that Clare has just fallen down the stairs and badly hurt her ankle, we're fine.

I'm hoping to get the dinghy down here tomorrow and make the most of the good forecast though a lot will depend on how Clare is in the morning.


  1. Lovely pictures Kev.
    Moving house is a lot of hassle, but Scalloway is a lovely place to move to. Brilliant people with a great sense of community.

    I wish I had a camera that sound take pictures of stars.... I'm sooooo jealous... :D :D

  2. Best wishes in your new house :)

  3. Great photos.
    Hope all goes well in your new home.

  4. Thanks to you all for your wishes.

    Auld Een I thought you did? Email me...