Thursday, 31 March 2011

Plastic yak, plastic sail

After going out the other day with friends, one of whom was testing his new kayak sail, I was inspired to make myself one. I've known about various types for years but they're all pretty expensive and I'd never seen one used.

Having seen it's potential I was keen to make one myself and save £300. Here's my proto-type based on some ideas from his, but also this New Zealand self designed one

Deck arrangement. The shrouds will be shortened now I know the lengths I need and just unclip from the deck. The forestay also raises and lowers the mast and the mast step is jointed to allow it all to fold down along the side out the way. It can even be reefed by tying up the sprit to the mast.

I'm just waiting for some ripstop non-porous material to arrive, along with some webbing and bits and I can make a sail to be proud of.

Beren likes it!


  1. I just wish I was 10 years younger. I think I would be challenging you for boys adventure toys....
    I'll just stick with trying the skis again the next day there's a decent/safe/soft snow cover available...

  2. I'd love to have a go at cross-country skiing. Any other sort would kill my knees