Sunday, 20 March 2011

Kettla Ness, Burra

A friend and I had planned a bike ride from North Roe to Uyea today, but with a strong cold south-westerly wind kicking up over night a walk was on the cards instead.

So, after a trip to Hamnavoe on Burra for a thorough look at a small yacht he's thinking of buying we headed further south on Burra and parked up at Papil. A short walk past Banna Min beach and we were on the wild western coast of Kettla Ness.

Looking across the bay to Bannaminn

There were some pretty spectacular views as we headed south on the precipitous wave battered coast.

Looking north again...

Spot the sea lion?

The Heugg (headland) in the distance. Fugla stack in the mid ground

Looking north past Fugla Stack

Lunching out on The Heugg on a day like this was pretty awesome

The view north was pretty cool too...

Inland, the trig point on the highest point (49m) is a great place to take it all in with Sumburgh in the distance and a slight glance of Fair Isle in the haze (but not here).

I took some video of the waves and cliffs on the west side, wonderful. But as ever the terrific boomers would appear before I had the camera out and even though I sat and waited a while they'd not return until I'd turned my back!

Oh... I meant to say it seems like the birds are on the return. We saw great black backs, black guilliemots, oyster catchers, shags, cormorants, eiders, but none of the puffins that have been seen near Unst recently and still no terns. Some big spider crab remains too...


  1. Brilliant pics Kev.
    Kettla Ness is a place I've never visited. It looks really good on a rough day.
    Must add it to the list for my next holiday.

  2. Yeh it is great, nice easy walking over short soft turf too. Be back with Clare and Beren on a better day...