Wednesday, 9 March 2011

An Icy Night

We've had snow on and off today. This evening has cleared up with a bright skies and deadly paths and roads of ice. Just to check they really were as bad as they seemed and it was a cold as it felt, I went for a drive up the Scord and then walked up the Hill of Easterhoull, in the snow, in the dark, just to get a few pictures of Scalloway on this lovely night. Some times I worry about myself!

I'm not sure they were worth the effort but the crisp air was nice.

Orion over the house; the inspiration for going out after I'd put the hens to bed...

.... and the moon was pretty cool too

The view from the hilltop was great, but hard to capture on camera (attempts at panoramas were awful) with the big skies and expanses of lit water. If you click to enlarge you'll see Scaloway Castle, oddly unlit, in the middle of it all. I'll have to go back in the day time as there'll be some great views out over Burra and beyond.

Brrrr.... one well nithered person here, looking forward to a warm bed!


  1. hehe - Nothing stops you!! Man, you still having snow!?
    You can even see the Orion nebula in your pic! Just about anyway.
    Did you catch Wonders of the Universe? Pretty awesome, it was :-0

  2. Had better pics of orion itself but they're a bit boring. A good one of a plane going through the exposure too, left a dashed line!

    Yeh did catch the programme, some good stuff on lately