Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Hill of Berry; Scalloway

Clare's ankle is a fantastic rainbow of colours after her little trip last night, so leaving her to convalesce, Beren and I went with a friend to bring our GP14 dinghy down from Brae to Scalloway and do a little work in preparation for getting it back on the water.

I managed to get out for a small foray later in the afternoon up The Hill of Berry; a small ridge to the north-west of Scalloway with great view over the village and surroundings.

Following the path from the end of Houl Road I zig-zagged up the hill to a small saddle in the ridge, wandered north-east along the ridge and finally came back down onto Berry Lane and home in time to make tea.

Here's a panorama over Scalloway looking down the Clift Hills (click to enlarge)

A closer view of Scalloway and the bridge over to Trondra.

Looking back up the ridge there are great views towards Whiteness and out west to Foula. It wasn't hard to tell which side of the fence the sheep graze...

The Burradale Sisters (wind turbines) gently turned above Tingwall.

The sinking sun gave some dramatic views west.

Last night I also took a few more photos of the stars above Berry Farm which is near by.

Cassiopeia over Berry Farm

Orion over The Hill of Berry


  1. Beautiful night shots. Looks like you had some lovely blue skies on your trip out. We've had lots of grey skies in the south of the country this weekend.

  2. Well they were actually bit more washed out than they look. The wonders of a graduated filter on Lightroom ;O)

    The nigths have been stunningly clear and frosty. Just need to ban street lights!