Sunday, 13 March 2011

A few scenes from a snowy saturday

Well I say snowy Saturday; it's still snowing on today too. There's not much depth to it, but enough for snowballing in the garden and may be for a snow man.

Fern and I went for a walk up Berry Lane... of the few chance she gets to sniff about off lead.

We said i'i to a pony...

...a hooded crow and a raven...

...and enjoyed the view back down the lane.

Back at home after washing and inspecting Rita's (the hen) bum due to concerns she might be egg bound (she isn't, she's pot bound), I went to do some more bits on the boat while Clare and Beren made a yummy chocolate cake; we had a lot of visitors today, much to Beren's (and our) delight.

Late on the night I was tempted to stray out with my camera after talk of the aurora borealis or mirrie dancers displaying. There was some thin cloud cover, but I thought I could see some action, so dashed off to a couple of light free spots only to realise that the flare stack from Sullom Voe had tricked me yet again, all the way down here too!

Today; a bit of gardening, a swim and may be a chinese at friends later. Life's not bad is it?

Oh, I nearly forgot, Beren did his chicken dance. Inspired by us trying to catch Rita I think!


  1. Looks like the " Good life" to me mate

  2. Hehehe... and the great life too