Monday, 28 March 2011

A early morning potter round Fugla Ness, Burra

This alleged cave near Fugla Ness on Burra is still escaping me. This morning I decided to go round there for an early morning potter to look for it,  having got a bit more information about it's likely location.

So I parked at the public toilets near the path down to Meal beach and set off.

Lu Ness, Biagar and Pundsar were my destinations.

A couple of pairs of eiders were just along from Meal beach

And the view south towards Bridge End and the Hill of Sandwick held a little surprise. See the white mark in the end  of the headland?

It's an arch, not very unusual up here, but there are ropes hanging off it. Mmm... needs some investigation.

Biargar didn't reveal any likely exit from a cave

But Pundsar did, along with the ever mysterious looking Foula in the distance.

Try as I might I couldn't get in from the sea end. It was surging through and I didn't fancy a soaking or swim today. But it did have potential. Low tide and a wetsuit I think...

Now to find the landward entrance. I had been assured that there was one. I scoured the banks and brows around and behind here for a good while - don't my legs know it - but found no sign what so ever. Defeated yet again I wandered back towards Hamnavoe, the road back to the car and then home for some breakfast.

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