Friday, 18 March 2011

Doodles Bear and and a trip to the beach

We've got a visitor for the weekend; Doodles Bear from Scalloway playgroup. As it's always sunny in Scalloway (honest) we thought we'd take him for trip down to Meal Beach on Burra before tea.

It wasn't the best choice of beach for a strengthening westerly. Soon we were standing backs to the wind sheltering Beren and Doodles from the hailstones.

What returned from the hail shower was a lovely moody scene, but by was it nippy...

The surf was pretty big at times and I felt a bit sorry for a lonely seal in it, no reason too though, after all they live there!

Up on a high strand line was the remains of some structure washed in and covered with a sheet of what looked like chain mail from a distance. On closer inspection is was festooned with goose barnacles; wierd looking things...

Thinking we'd pushed our luck far enough between the showers we headed back to the car and home for tea, stopping briefly to take a panorama out over the sea north of Hamnavoe.

I wonder what other adventures Doodles will get up to this weekend. One thing I know is he's not coming to the gym with me tonight!


  1. Great photos! I hope to get to Scotland someday. On another note I was trying to get in touch with Bruce McCulloch. A while back you said that you had to see him for your foot problem. Do you by any chance have his email? Thanks
    Joe (USA)

  2. Cheers, I've emailed you...

  3. Ok... those are barnacles? Weird looking indeed. I have to say that those are good looking photos. Although they also give that lonely atmosphere.

  4. Cheers and Yeh they are weird looking things!