Thursday, 17 March 2011

Against the tide...

I've just recieved a timely reminder on my habit of ever forging onwards due to  Rev Mugo's recent post over on Jade Mountains and also a fellow weight trainers post on a forum. Like salmon pushing on upstream to their ultimate demise I seem to have that same urge.

I still struggle with tiredness, both mental and physical after CFS/ME, but it's slowly improving as time goes on. I try to balance my activities, limit my weight training, limit my walking, limit my swimming etc. etc. But have failed to miss the fact that while I'm being sensible with the individual activities I'm missing the overall picture of my level of activity. And this doesn't even include work in the equation.

The nights are getting lighter, rowing season is imminent and I've just got the loan of a sea kayak, which should it prove comfortable, I'll be getting. So, the potential for over doing it by just getting on with things is fairly immense and it's only just hit me how I've been fooling myself. No wonder I've been so shattered of late and a bit dwaamy. May be the recent house move might play in to that too!

Clare and Beren go sooth for a week next week leaving me home alone. I've already caught myself planning a marathon of 'sensible' excursions! Now I'm endeavouring to plan a week of sensible R&R instead. Good boy.

I used to keep a daily activity diary so I could see these patterns but it's slipped. From NOW, I'll be doing it again and reviewing it.

As I said I'm fantastically improved from even 18 months ago, but unless I keep topping up my battery and keep it on top it soon runs down.

Time for a spring clean of my 'life' and to go with the flow instead of against the tide...

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