Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Waves at Quarf

Managed to get a look at some impressive sea today at Quarf. Unfortunately there was so much spray in the air it was hard to get a clear photo. Anyway, here's a few moody ones...

I did hope to go and see a geo-cache at a waterfall at Wester Quarf, but numpty me put the wrong co-ordinates in my GPS. I did find one that a student hid at Cunningsburgh though, success! Next time I'll take a print out of the geo-cache site info with me just in case...

Here's my find today, looks more like a sample for the doc though!

...hidden near the foundations of an old machine gun stand.


  1. Nice to see some real sea. It's easy for a Shetlander to get bored with these Norskie fjords which are as rough as duck ponds.
    Most Shetlanders, including myself, only post nice summer pictures. But the real beauty of Shetland, for folk who don't live near the sea, is in the stormy scenes.
    I used to love trying to take pictures of the seabirds as they hovered, in glide mode, over the breaking waves. The birds in this area of Norway have to flap their wings all the time to maintain flight, which could explain why the Magpies walk most of the time. :)
    More storm scenes, please. :)

  2. I've been after a decent shot of the Ravens since I got here. One was 'hovering' in the wind trying to land on a fence rail over a loch full of white water the other day. But I missed it would have been an amazing shot.

    Rough seas are magnificent but also mean I can't get out to do much. Some times I wish for duck ponds LOL!