Sunday, 6 February 2011

Stenness; sea and otters

I'd hoped to go to Stenness up in Northmavine yesterday to watch the sea after the recent storm we had, but was just too tired. Today feeling a bit more chipper we all went there for a little wander. We got a bit of a battering on our little trip out with freezing wind, rain and hail, but it was a grand day and the sight of two otters battling in through the surf and dissapearing into the distance made it well worth while.

We finished the afternoon with a winter tea at Eshaness Community Centre; tattie soup and home bakes, yum! Actually I had two bowls of soup and bannocks, one for Auld Rasmie (hope you appreciate my efforts!)

Here's some video of our venture. Unfortunately the scale of the sea just doesn't come across, but the windiness does!

And here's some photos to go along with it. One of many wonderful places up here...

Waves crash over The Isle of Stenness

Wonderful waves crash everywhere

Dore Holm

Eshaness Lighthouse

Super Beren

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  1. No wonder I feel stuffed tonight... must have been that extra bowl of soup.
    Thanks Kev, I is full up now. lol