Saturday, 12 February 2011

Posh Nosh in da toon

It's Clare's birthday on Sunday (21 again). Her work colleagues had arranged to go out for a meal last night and one of our friends very kindly offered to look after Beren for a few hours, so a rare event occurred and we had a meal out alone; well except for the other 9 work colleagues!

I didn't know that the Kvelsro Hotel even existed, never mind that it is only a few minutes walk from where I work. Saying that it's not in a very obvious location.

It was extremely quiet for a Friday night, apart from our party there was only one couple in the lounge bar, so we had this room all too ourselves; comfy chairs and dining table...

...and they had this room all to themselves (this is not them).

Apparently some time back it was the place to eat in town. It was certainly bright and clean with great views and  great service. I'm a bit of a tight one when it comes to eating out, so for all on this special occasion I threw caution to the wind and had the most expensive courses on the menu I doubt I'll be back. It was also a bit posh for me too. I'm no fan of de-constructed food on your plate, with foam, stacks, quinelles and other finery.

The food was good, not great though, for various reasons. I had scallops (3) with sweet chillie sauce, grated cucumber and a creme freche quinelle for a starter, tasty and well presented but the scallops were a tad over done. A friend had the smoked haddock chowder, a massive bowl of very spicy chowder with bannocks. He said it was nice as long as you liked heat; it looked a meal in itself.

For my main course I went for the steak. Advertised as 21 day matured and super tender, it was big, it was tasty, but it wasn't very tender. It did come with a plate of lovely proper chips, home made onion rings and other bits. Amusingly it dwarfed the portions the rest of our party had. Even the, less than gourmand, ladies of our group looked at their well presented dishes and wondered if there was more coming. They all said they tasted lovely and looked great, but that they'd definitely have room for a pudding!

And the puddings were great with chocolate fondant being very popular, smelling and looking great with a lovely runny chocolate goo inside. I went for the dolly mixture cheese cake. I was a bit surprised to find a a tea cup with a cheese cake base ' biscuit' leant up against it. Cola sorbet on top with a range of kiddies sweets in the cheescake mix with in the cup. It was actually very nice and fun to discover a fairly random range of sweets (not dolly mixture) as I dug down, obviously appealed to the big kid in me.

So, not a rave review, may be more so due to my personal taste in price and the inconsistent descriptions of the food and quantities. Busta House is still my No.1 for a posh meal out, but Kveldsro is pretty good if it's your thing. I was also very good for us, a surprisingly quiet night and I can't complain about a spacious room to ourselves and great service.

Will I go there again? Possibly not, unless it was another group event. However, it's not somewhere I would never return to, unlike the Spiggie Hotel at the south end, where I had possibly my worst dining experience ever.

Another friend was out celebrating engagement last night at the Maryfield House Hotel on Bressay. I hope they had a fantastic night there. I've heard good things about it, may be I'll get the chance to go there for my birthday- more likely The Scalloway Hotel- another recommended night out that is a short walk from where we'll be moving to 2 weeks today!

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  1. I'd thoroughly recommend the Maryfield in Bressay. Always been great food and great service.
    I know what you mean about Spiggie,,, hearing the microwave ping just before your meal is served is a bit of a downer....