Monday, 14 February 2011

The Forest of Kergord

Sunday was Clare's birthday, so after a few running repairs on the hen house and bellies filled with heart shaped pancakes we set off with fingers crossed for the weather, and a picnic, for a foray into the Forest of Kergord...

Well if you're small enough to think this is a tree you may consider it a forest! Regardless of the 'technicalities', it's about the biggest bit of woodland on Shetland, complete with a small burn and we all had a fun time there...

Once inside it reminded me of some of the old un-managed copses back home on the North York Moors. Sadly it's long over due a bit of woodland management; apart from standing and hung up dead wood; it's got snowberry and rhododendron in there too. BUT that makes all the more wonderful and a fantastic place to spend an hour or two and even get a bit of shelter from the wind.

After wandering our way up the hillside along side the burn it was time to sit for a bite to eat and enjoy the view.

One thing this place is good at growing, other than trees, is mosses and lichens. They're so pretty festooning branches dead or alive and lots of different types.

 A sight of celandine, a flower bud or two starting to open, suddenly made me think of spring and then I saw some daffs on their way up. It still feels fully winter to me.

At the top of the woods are the remains of an old house with fire place still intact and in use by some who come here. It'll be a nice place to camp for the night in the summer.

All to do now is to mosey back down to the car.

And then a visit to a friend who has just moved to a gorgeous little cottage at the head of Stromfirth. One day...

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