Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Burn of Gonfirth; a little beauty

Things are getting busy busy busy. By this time next week we'll be living in Scalloway, so there's packing to do and with another round of colds none of us are really feeling up to it. After getting a few boxes done this morning I needed first to collapse for a bit and then to get some fresh air, oh and some more parcel tape.

In the past I'd noticed a interesting looking ravine off the Voe to Aith road. I've been intending to check it out and today was the day.  It runs from above the road to Grobness, tumbling down the hillside before it enters Gon Firth between Aith and Voe and it's very beautiful.

Despite the  grotty weather (another ferry cancelled tonight) we drove out there. Clare and Beren had a sleep in the car and I spent an hour or so risking life and limb on the sodden slippy grassy banks of the burn; at one point using the pan-handle of my tripod as an ice axe as I slipped down a bank at a fair rate towards the burn. Luckily the only damage was a good coating of mud down my legs and side.

I wanted to post a series of pictures following the waterfalls but how best to do it? Going down the falls would work as you scroll down this page, but the downward looking views would miss the falls and my own falls would be more likely too!

Taking pictures as I explored going up the falls would show them off to best advantage, it's easier climbing up, but you'd loose the flow of pictures as you scrolled down the page; they'd be in reverse. 

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, just imagine you're going down the burn backwards, abseiling if you like!

Here's the view from near the top of the burn, the first set of falls...

And the burn tumbling it's way down towards Gon Firth...

...and then gently making it's way to the sea...

I really look forward to returning with Beren and Clare with a flask of tea and a bite to eat on a good day.

Now I've got some reestit mutton on the go for a pot of tattie soup tomorrow; I think the weather will warrant it! Mmm... smells great...