Thursday, 13 January 2011

Our first eggs!

Christmas had hardly passed before the shops had Easter Eggs in them, but we've got the best early egg!

Our first egg from our first hens! I was gobsmacked to find it the other morning. Clare enjoyed it as a poached egg, small, but perfectly formed. Judging by the noise from Ginger our Welsummer and it's appearance she laid it and it came as a bit of a shock to her too.

We got another off her today. I assume the other two will begin laying soon and we'll have 2-3 eggs a day. Nothing nicer than real fresh eggs from your back garden...


  1. Lucky you, sounds delightful :-)
    And well done, Mrs Chicken

  2. I'll bet that was the best tasting egg ever.
    I remember my aunt serving me eggs which were freshly laid. The taste was completely different from the standard supermarket ones.
    Although keeping eggs reminds me of a story from an old Shetland book called "Lowrie". A collection of stories written in the Shetland dialect by Joseph Gray, (search that name on Shetlopedia).
    Anyway one of the stories in that book referred to Lowrie's keeping of hens, and it was absolutely hillariuos.
    I've been trying to find a copy of that book for years, but failed.... Maybe some day.. :D

    Looking forward to all the egg recipies you'll have to come up with to use the hen's output when they are in full production. ;) :) lol

  3. Still none from the oter two but Ginger's are getting bigger!