Sunday, 30 January 2011

On the road again...

There's been lots of scheming, planning and puzzling going on of late and we've finally made a decision and decided to move on.

Not off Shetland though! Just down the road to a nice place in Scalloway with big gardens, a shed and 5 (yes, 5) trees. And we can keep our hens, so I'll have many more of these yummy breakfasts...

Ideally I'd be moving further from town (Muckle Flugga, I dream...), but Scalloway is a lovely village and the ancient capital of Shetland.  Great for getting out on the boat, walking, 20+ miles closer to work and near alot of friends both we and Beren have made and much more. We'll be there by the end of February so there's plenty to sort out now never mind the packing.

In other news...

Clare's discovered the joys of prescription swimming goggles. Nevermind seeing the bottom of the pool for the first time in her life I reckon she can see better with them on than with her glasses! She's now plans for prescripton snorkle mask and wetsuit, a prescription windscreen for the car will be next  !!!

A friend of ours gave us an indoor micro helicopter to play with as he couldn't fly it. Neither could I for a while, but I've been having fun learning. Beren loves it and makes me wear my big headphones when I fly it because that's what pilots wear.

Oh... and I've been getting bits and bobs for the dinghy that me and my sailing bud are renovating in time for the good weather that must come one day...


  1. 5 trees?!? Woah, luxury :-) I see a comfy hammock being set up in the future ;-) Good luck with the move!
    Wondered where you were of late, but it looks like you've been learning to fly :-) and eating yummy breakfasts too. Perfect!

  2. Hi PA, yeh a hammock is a definite desire and I've got a shed too woo hoo!!!

    Been struggling a bit of late, hence the lack of posts and activity. Happy to see you're having fun :o)

  3. Take care, Kev!