Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Burn of Laxobigging, Graven

It's been a bit of a grim weekend up here after the lovely evening of Scalloway Fire Festival. Strong wind, dark and drizzly with heavy rain at times.

After a lazy morning we went for a swim at Brae Leisure Centre. Beren's getting really confident in the water now and even managing to get about with his doggy paddle aided by arm bands. I tried to put some elements of Total Immersion Swimming into practise and Clare had an epiphany when she realised she could swim with her face in the water without panicking.

Later I thought I'd take my new camera, the Kodak Z980 bridge camera, out in the challenging conditions to see how it fared. I've been a bit worried since I sold my Nikon D50 DSLR and bought this instead. Reviews were very mixed though it's specs suggested it should be great for my needs and it was a a massively discounted price. Low light conditions were where it wasn't supposed to do well. Well it was definitely low light this afternoon, mixed with drizzle.

I went up to a little burn I like near Graven, The Burn of Laxobiggin. It's a lovely burn running down from the hills though a narrow valley with the remains of some sort of industry along it's length and a well looked after cemetery where it crosses the road.

It being late, wet and slippy and me being tired, I just parked near the cemetery and pottered a short way up the burn, more interested in trying out the camera with burn in spate and the light fading than anything.

Along with spray off the burn there was a fair bit of drizzle in the air which got onto the lens, but I'm really pleased with the results in less than ideal conditions.

The other reason I liked the camera and the reason I wanted to ditch the DSLR for an 'all-in-one' camera was a 24x optical zoom with image stabilisation. It would have cost me far far more than the whole camera just to get a similar lens for my old Nikon. Anyway if this shot of the moon is anything to go by it's not let me down, it isn't even a close moon just now.

The days are noticeably getting longer, all we need is a spell of fair weather to get out and about and do some work in the garden!


  1. WOW!!!!
    Very impressed with the new camera.
    I was thinking about buying a Cannon 550, when the price drops a bit, but maybe I'm thinking Kodak now.

  2. Cheers. I can't wait to use it in some good weather and light.

    Cannon 550D? Be great. i just got sick of lugging my DSLR and 2 lenses around. Plus I couldn't afford a decent stabilised telephoto, or something like a 24-300mm lens to avoid 2 lenses.

    The Z980 is discontinued now so there are some bargains out there. I think I paid £175 for the camera itself.

    I like it as you can still do stuff manually like on a DLSR but the range for apperture, shutter speed and EV comp. are more limited than a DSLR. Can out it in my 'big' pocket too.

  3. Only reason for me thinking of the 550D is that our old DSLR has developed a fault. It fragments the ficture sometimes.
    I guess most of my pics will still some from my Olypus 740, or Olympus 790, but I want something with a ruddy great big lens to play with. (Boy's toy) ;)
    The 550D is still over 5000 Kroner, with the 300mmm lens at 1500 kroner. But by Summer, with the way prices drop, I should be able to get both for less than 5000Kr. I hope.

  4. Fingers crossed.

    I'm hoping we might get over to Norway in the summer with a direct flight, hoping..

  5. Lush pics - the moon especially!