Saturday, 4 December 2010

Throttle back and engage low ratio...

Two weeks back at work since my knee op. and I'm having to throttle life back, just as you need to in the snow we all seem to have right now. The car doesn't have low ratio gears, but I'm stuck in them for now.

It's great being back at work with people I like being around, but I'm plain exhausted and by the end of the week my knee is pretty uncomfortable.

So what to do? Accept what comes my way, throttle back, put my feet up when I need to, sleep when I need to and take it steady on the slippy terrain trying not to slide over the edge.

No gym just no adventures in the white playground, just taking time to take time.

Luckily I have a rock in Clare (xxx) to help and put up with me if I get grumpy!

Anyway, here's my sequence of moon shots so far...

It'll take a while to get the full cycle as it obviously depends on the night being right but I like that. There's no dead line, if I happen to see it I'll take a photo, if I don't, well I know I will some time...

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