Friday, 17 December 2010

Snow Day

Yet another snow day up here in Shetland. No schools open anywhere. Even if it wasn't one, after the freeze we've had the last couple of days, ice and snow, my car wasn't going anywhere. The battery was flattened, the driver door lock has broken or frozen and the hens could be freeze dried; we've had to shift drifting snow off them.

Desperate to get Beren out the house while Clare worked from home, again, I managed to get her car out of the estate after a few attempts at our 'hill'.

First stop was The Burn of Valayre on the edge of one of the beaches of Sullom Voe near Voxter House.

Looking to Voxter House from the beach

Looking towards Mavis Grind

Looking down from The Burn of Valayre

One of the falls

Beren made a new friend here, meet 'Spider' Now resident with us!

After a few moments going through ice, sliding down banks and scrambling back up Beren and Spider wanted something to eat. We carried  along to Frankie's, but I was feeling a little embarrassed to go sit in in our soggy outdoors state, so we got something to take away. I was tempted to change though when I saw that they had not only reestit mutton soup on the menu, but also Shetland tablet cheese cake. Wow tablet in a cheese cake, enough to induce a diabetic coma in even the non-diabetic surely! I resisted.

Anyway I though it'd be good to go and eat them at Mavis Grind, it was a nice sunny day, there are picnic tables there and i could be sure the chips wouldn't be too hot for Beren! So a quick stop for some jump leads at the DIY shop in Brae and then fish and chips 'al fresco' it was. And what a place to eat them too...

Beren and Spider had some fun running around in the fresh snow and then it was back home to jump the car and sort out the parking area.

A quick stop for a view of a white Ronas Hill and a tanker at Sullom Voe

Once home I got my car going while I sledded grit down to clear the car park. Once finished, shattered, lying on the sofa, begging to be drip fed cups of tea, a 4WD digger turned up and cleared the snow out of the car park and hill along with the sled loads of grit I'd just put down in minutes, no sweat, no pain!

As I type the snow is coming in bursts again against the windows, but thankfully the artic gales of yesterday have stayed away. You can see from the pictures that there's no great depth of snow, probably due to yesterdays gales blowing it away, but it's really icy just now. With wind chill yesterday they reckoned the temperature was -21c, surface temperature of -4c

More snow is forecast until Monday and the chill will continue a while, but you know forecasts...


  1. Lovely pics..
    I have to admit that we're very much warmer on this side of the North Sea. Warmest at work today was -7C, but we had absolutely no wind chill and that makes a big difference. The Shetland wind would cut through a diamond, so you're welcome to it. LOL

  2. Wind is up again and ready to cut through metal again today brrrr. Beren wants to go sledging, he may change his mind we he goes out, he hates the wind LOL!

    My knees are aching, must be a sign of more to come!