Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Shuttle O Soonds; Christine Da Lucca

Long before Christmas Clare told me that she'd got me the best prezzie ever. She was so excited and bubbling with joy. I felt anxious at this knowledge. How did she know it was? What if it wasn't? Did I even know what it would be? How would I convince her it was if I was really dissapointed?

Well not to worry. It was my bezzie prezzie courtesy of the wonders of Clare and the internet, from photobox to Christine Da Lucca's website. A book of some of my photos of our first year in Shetland along with Christine Da Lucca's poem 'A Shuttle o Soonds'

Click to make the book full screen and ignore the bumf-it's not for sale-although photobox deserve the plug as the book is excellent quality.

Here's the poem spoken by the author in Shetlan, along with a few recent wintery Shetland photos of mine. I can't just post mp3's so had to add the photos.

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