Monday, 13 December 2010

Shooting stars and streaking cars

I had big hopes of getting some photos tonight of the meteor showers that have been talked about. I swotted up on google about taking the photos. Set my camera and went out to a suitable dark spot.

It was absolutely freezing! Those of you who know me will know it must have been cold for me to think it was freezing. Beautiful night, but freezing.

Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees. The photos I took had loads of detail, so much I found it hard to recognise the constellations I did know on them. Did they have shooting stars, no they didn't, despite me seeing many while the camera was working. I'm just assuming that may be a max of 1 second of shooting star over a 30 second exposure just hasn't shown up. The blighters are still out there whizzing about and teasing me!

I know the displays are supposed to peak at around midnight but I'm planning on being happy snoring long before then!

I took a few other photos for fun though...

Moody Moon

Streaking cars

Pretty moon

There's a lunar eclipse on the 21st December at 08:16, first for 3 years so these guys say

What I really want to see are the mirrie dancers though...


  1. Overcast here so no chance of seeing the Geminids meteor shower! Tomorrow should be better. Be good to see some of your pics - trying again tomorrow?

  2. Very grizzly here this morning, but if it's clear tonight I'll give it another shot a bit later and twiddle with the camera. The little monkeys are there it's just catching them LOL