Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lunar eclipse

The lunar eclipse this morning was great. A struggle for me to catch it on camera, but really clear to the naked eye. So after half an hour taking photos I went to go back in only to find my darling wife had locked me out in the dark and icy morning. Much hammering on the windows later she got out the bath and let me in!

Here it is nearing full eclipse

With the light off the lit section of moon it was hard to try to get a view which showed the, still slightly visible full moon. You can see it here but the longer exposure means it's gone a bit blurry. Only the bright strip to the right was actually visible.

After that it was another beautiful cold and still winter's day. Driving into work there was freezing fog hangin over the voes and in the valleys and when I got to work the Sooth Mouth across to Bressay looked fantastic with 'smoke' drifting across the water.

Later on in the day down at Sound there were more great view to be had...

Looking over to the Knab

Across to Bressay

Finally looking out along the Ness of Sound

Last day at work tomorrow until the new year and it promises to be a fun one. Clare's Mam hopefully arrives for Christmas and I'm looking forawrd to getting out and about as much as the weather and my health will let me...


  1. I can't remember ever seeing frostr√łyk (frost smoke) over the water in Shetland before. Although it's all too common here.
    I've seen a full lunar eclipse once before, about 2001 if I recall properly. It was very red and rather haunting. We had snow this morning so no chance to see it.
    Absolutely lovely pics yet again, especially the one s towards the Knab and Bressay.
    :) :)

  2. I saw some frost smoke out near Vementry last year but today this morning was abolutely stunning with it over all the lochs and voes on the way into Lerwick.

    Only to be surpassed by the full moon glinting over them all on the way back this evening.

    Hope you have a good break...