Thursday, 23 December 2010

Loch of Voe; winter night sky

Coming back from a brief weights session at Vidlin I stopped at the small carpark where the Vidlin road joins the A970 near Voe.

The full moon over the snowy banks was only enhanced by the streak of the odd passing car

Looking over the loch, the plough stood proud in the clear sky

Then, all change, a snow filled air accompanied me home.


  1. I'd love a camera that can take photos like that. Bootuful!!

  2. Yeah so would I - great pic of the plough indeed :-) Can you get Orion next with Betelgeuse, please?
    That's my star recommendation!

  3. Well I was lucky to be given one, no way I'd afford it. You can get some entry level DSLRs at a good price now though.

    Could have gotten Orion last night. only reason I didn't is every time I get it so that all it's stars are there, there's so many other stars show up I can hardly make out Orion.

    Might get you a christmas eve one tonight it it clears...

  4. Grrr.... orion was just showing itself out of the clouds when all went dark(er) and it started to snow...